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Political Conversations Revealed as Finite Resource, to Be Depleted by Mid-2017

March 9, 2016 - Hannah Rosenblatt
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Far Right Calls for End to Annual Migration of Monarch Butterflies

March 9, 2016 - Summer Davis
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Freshman Excited to Finally Take Part in Political Process

September 22, 2015 - Brandon Elhert
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White Ann Arbor Child Finds Worm in Apple, Michigan Governor Issues State of Emergency

March 9, 2016 - Cole Greenbaun / Hannah Rosenblatt

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  1. Normal humans feel guilt
  2. Your skin color is not determined by any adherence to moral codes or statistical probability of being convicted of a crime
  3. Guns, at least sometimes, kill people
  4. This whole "women" thing
  5. Bootstraps aren't an anatomical feature
  6. The Bible is not a medical text
  7. Whenever you point a finger at Obama, three fingers are also pointing back at you
  8. The correct way to amputate a limb
  9. It is physically possible to think about more than one thing at once
  10. Where feet go
  1. One pair belongs to a lying, corrups politician, and the other belongs to Clinton
  2. Yours are black and hers are a darker shade of black
  3. Her shoes have their own email account
  4. Your shoes aren't responsible for the deaths of Americans in Libya
  5. You put yours on one foot at a time
  6. Your shoes weren't made overseas
  7. Yours are tied correctly. Made you look!
  8. "Hillary, stop calling them the First Heels of the United States"
  9. Yours are made of cement and sinking very quickly. You probably shouldn't have opposed her foreign policy plans
  10. Hers are probably better looking

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