Jessica Ma


V.P. Pence Changes Name to “1.24 Cents,” Inspires Patriotism

Written by: Jessica Ma

Last Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence finalized his name change from Mike Pence to Mike 1.24 Cents. When asked about the change, 1.24 Cents replied, “It’s …


Apple Brings Back Outsourced Jobs from Overseas, Releases Dumb Watch

Written by: Jessica Ma

Next Monday, millions across the nation will wait in line to buy the newest and most streamlined addition to Apple’s ever-growing product line — the Apple …


Local Asbestos in Ceiling Feeling Lonely, Wants to Come Out

Written by: Jessica Ma

Students in Revelle’s Argo Hall have reported hearing loud sobbing in the middle of the night for the past couple of weeks. A thorough investigation concluded …